A Nice Day Regardless

$600.00 / Coming Soon

This piece was part of our Innate Nature exhibition that was up from August 20th - October 1st, 2022. Please send us an email for any inquiries or questions about this piece or other works by this artist. [email protected]


Eduardo Meza


"A Nice Day Regardless" 2022
18 by 24 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Comes in archival bag with stickers in box


Eduardo Meza (@eddie_v2.0 )is a freelance artist based in Orlando, Florida. Originally born in Venezuela, he has lived most of his life on the coasts of Florida. He graduated from Daytona State College with an AA in Studio Art and has been painting ever since. Eduardo has explored a large variety of styles and inspirations throughout his painting journey. He draws most of his inspiration from his own experiences, such as life near the beach and the complexity of growing up.
Eduardo touches on other topics like substance use and sexuality. He uses reoccurring symbols, such as burning cigarettes and crushed beer cans to set the tone for what he was experiencing at the time. Over time, Eduardo has dived into character design and animation, experimenting with original characters and a bigger focus on cartoons. He loves to use bright colors and expressive strokes to add a playful feel to his work.